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BGDC Distribution operates in the supply chain industry, which is responsible for the safe, efficient transportation and storage of customer products across various sectors. This includes employing world-class cold chain standards that ensure product quality and compliance with regulatory requirements. Distribution and Logistics are complex and can be challenging for customers. Our comprehensive services ensure the efficient and timely delivery of a wide array of goods. The aim is to provide innovative and creative solutions, delivering customers with success. Click on any one of our three primary services below to learn what we can do for you.


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At BGDC, we define our company's role as logistical excellence, rooted in relationships. This means leveraging decades of experience to offer tailored solutions that meet our customers' diverse needs. We take pride in crafting solutions through effective sourcing, technology, and creativity. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all approaches; instead, we embrace innovation and adaptability as our customers grow. This approach allows us to foster long-term relationships that evolve with time.

Christoph F. Erdel, Director of Operational Support

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Temperature Controlled Logistics

Handling products from pharmaceuticals to produce, it is critical that temperature levels are maintained throughout their journey – from receiving, through storage, to shipping, and arrival at the final destination.

You should know

Temperature Controlled Logistics
  • Definition: Temperature Controlled chain logistics involves transporting and storing temperature-sensitive products, like food and pharmaceuticals, within a specific temperature range to ensure its integrity from origin to destination.
  • Quality and Safety: Successful warehousing and transportation preserves the quality, safety, and efficacy of products by preventing spoilage, degradation, and contamination.
  • Compliance and Financial Protection: Ensures regulatory compliance and reduces financial losses by minimizing product waste and maintaining customer trust.
Industry Importance
  • Food Safety: The industry ensures the safe transportation and storage of fresh produce, dairy, and meat, preventing spoilage and maintaining food safety standards.

  • Product Integrity: Efficient cold chain management preserves the nutritional value and freshness of food products, ensuring they reach consumers in optimal condition.

  • Reduces Food Waste: By maintaining proper temperature conditions, the cold chain logistics industry significantly reduces food waste, leading to better resource utilization and sustainability.

  • Infrastructure and Distance: Maintaining the cold chain over long distances or in regions with limited infrastructure or extreme weather conditions presents significant challenges, risking temperature deviations.

  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: The industry faces ongoing challenges in improving energy efficiency and sustainability, balancing the need to maintain optimal temperatures with reducing environmental impact.

  • Technological Integration: Adopting advanced technologies but challenging, requiring substantial investment and integration efforts to optimize operations and enhance real-time. monitoring and control.

Our Team
  • Skilled Associates: The industry relies heavily on a skilled workforce trained in handling temperature-sensitive products, operating specialized equipment, and ensuring compliance with safety and quality standards.

  • Continuous Training: Continuous training and education for workers are crucial to keep up with technological advancements and evolving best practices, ensuring efficient and effective cold chain management.

  • Outstanding Service: Dedicated team members are vital for maintaining operational excellence, from drivers and warehouse associates to logistics planners and technology professionals, ensuring the integrity of the supply chain throughout.